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About Us

What if you wanted to take part in making one million good deeds? How could you go about making that happen? How long would that take? Good deed Angel is designed to show how the ripple effect of good deeds can multiply exponentially over time and demonstrates how we are a much more powerful force for goodness in this world than we ever thought possible.

Let’s say you do just three good deeds and introduce one person to the app a day. That comes to over a thousand good deeds you will have done (My good deeds) and 365 new angels (Angelic friends) you’ll have inspired a year.

Let’s say that each of your 365 angelic friends also does three good deeds and introduces one person to the app a day. That comes to 399,675 good deeds (Network good deeds) and 133,225 new angels (Angelic Network) a year.

Let’s go one more step. If each those 133,225 new angels does three good deeds a day. That comes to over a million good deeds a year. That’s how powerful the ripple effect can be.

So, how long could it take to inspire and take part in a million good deeds? Not long. How could you make it happen? Just do some good deeds, share the app and inspire others to do the same.

Good deed angel is a free app with no tracking or advertising software.